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After Blood of Olympus…

Don’t blame me, it’s uncle Rick’s fault (again)

Happy Percabeth week 2014!

PS: Let’s pretend that it’s a pizza 


MY COMPUTER’S FIXED!!! I’ll try and post the ones I’ve missed but with school and stuff it may be a while.
Anyway there was no way I was missing a week of Percabeth!
Guys we are getting BoO next week… Good luck to you all and our babies…


“A little overkill, perhaps, but you’ve made your point.”

Jason with the-coolest-weapon-ever-before-he-broke-it. Today’s Blood of Olympus Countdown character, who I believe was my age in this scene. WOW PERSPECTIVE!

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So Will is 6 ft tall

I hope you’re thinking what I’m thinking ;)


I don’t know…


Don’t comment, just needed to upoad something… my blog has been pretty dead lately, sorry. 

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I am so excited about Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard!
I don’t even know what he looks like or what kind of person he is. How old is he? I wanna know so I can draw him! He probably doesn’t look like this, but let me dream, kay? 
Oh, and I saw a post saying that Magni was Thor’s son and that Kings have used Magnus (or something like that, don’t remember) So I gave him Mjølner (Thor’s hammer) to play with.. 
(Fun fact: Magnus means “the great”. In Danish (pretty sure the other Scandinavian languages too) the name is pronounced “Maunus” (no “g”) And sounds so cute. I have a hard time imagening a fighter named Magnus… sorry I’m babbling =O.o=)

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Drawing while waiting to go to croquis. Piper, Jason and Leo!
Don’t mind the weird poses…

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thinking about her (piper)

The fact is, like it or not, you still live a world where gender matters. Where gender controls not just the entire course of your life – but the lives of women all over the world. Every second, a child will be born female in a country where she will persecuted for this random biological occurrence for the rest of her life. So before you hold up your anti-Feminist placard proudly and smile at your own sense of empowerment, think not what Feminism can do for you, but what it can do for that one girl. She needs someone to stand up for her. That someone could be you. —

The Thing ‘Women Against Feminism’ Fail to Understand

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