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You know who’s under appreciated? Sally fucking Jackson. Not only did she raise Percy by herself with a minimum wage job at a candy store, but married a good-for-nothing-gambling-abusive-bum just so she could protect her son with his scent for 12 years. She has to live everyday with the fear of her son being killed by a monster or god at any given time and not being able to know about his whereabouts. And now she has to worry about Percy being stuck in hell. This woman really needs to be recognized in this fandom.


Silly PJO/The Little Mermaid crossover  ;p (I regret nothing) 

Yeah I’m still shamelessly uploading older pics to this tumblr in an attempt to make it alive before I finally have time to draw new stuff…

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Finishing to repost the older PJO’s fan arts I still like. I’m starting to understand tumblr but it’s a bit counterintuitive to me… 

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Hazel is very pleasant to draw ^_^

 Don’t ask me about the outfit, it just made me think of horse riding I guess ?  She is also older than she is in the books. 

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I regret none of my stupid jokes ;p 

Second part of

Jason’s move is actually a combination of something stupid I did with a lot of conviction in a card game and a story from a game master friend of mine who had a player killing all his friends with a badly thought spell ^^; 

Jason is totally thinking about doing more dumb stuff in the future in that last panel…

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This is rare enough for me so I should mention that I’m actually very happy with how this drawing turned out ^^ And this is officially my first time drawing the lovely RARA ;p 

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(inspired by tinybro’s headcanon - added Hazel because I felt like it uwu)


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like im supposed to believe piper DAUGHTER OF APHRODITE mclean didnt see that one coming from a mile away. 

it must run in the family. 

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Percy Jackson! With Annabeth, Tyson, and Grover in an insane taxi driven by the Gray Sisters from Sea Of Monsters. Its the doofiest series, I don’t care. I love it! Grover is da bes. 


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